More than one and a half million books sold!

More than a million and a half
books sold!

Wake up to Life!

Start putting yourself first and give you the opportunity to build a joyful life!

Love is for the strong one

Love is for the strong one.
More than 250,000 copies sold!

We reincarnate to happiness. This is the true mission of our spirit.

We reincarnate to happiness.
This is the true mission of our spirit.

Who loves free, let the other run its course.

Who loves releases,
leaves the others to follow its course.

Spirit friends by my side

Marco Aurélio

In his previous life, Marco Aurélio was a police investigator who was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro city, in the end o the 19th century. He helped the police of São Paulo city during the investigation and solution of the famous “crime of the trunk” occurred in 1928.

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Always smiling, Norma brings explanations we can’t find in books. According to her, I and other spiritual writers around the world are committed to bringing new concepts because the world knows eacho one is responsible for his or her own destiny.

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Nanah was born in a traditional family in São Paulo city at the turn of the 20th century. She grew up with French nannies and constant trips to Europe, among educated and literate people and the soirees promoted in her charming mansion on Champs Elysees were famous.

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Tulio was a historian, philosopher and he loved to make jokes about everything. Born in Porto Alegre, he went to college in São Paulo, graduated in History, and Philosophy, but he always wanted to be a writer.

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When I was seven I began seeing dead people and talking to them.
The spirits have shown me that reality is much wider and meaningful than I thought I could imagine...

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